I have been working alongside, Minute Shorts to create better user involvment with their audeince thorughout their website and app (UI). Minute shorts, is a space where filmmakers can place their short films in the hands of those who appreciate them the most. Minute Shorts hand selects quality films from across the world to provide  quality bite-sized storytelling, ready to slot in anytime of the day or night, between work and play. Importantly, 50% of the films are directed or produced by women and 50% of our content comes from minority ethnic communities.


UI, Brand Identity, Print and Typography,  Content Creation

In collaboration with Girls in Film (GIS) and Minute Shorts. I was commissioned to create a series of posters for their new collaborative film event, “Who gets to write women’s stories?” The project entailed creating a series of posters for their event as well as redesigning the type design and layout for the series.